All of our instructors are members of industry and certified as Craft Instructors with the National Center of Construction Education and Research.  Our instructors enjoy training and giving back to their industries as well as providing apprentices with the knowledge they need to create a successful career in the workforce.



Steve Attard -  Gulfcoast Power and Light

Kevin Cruz -  Wentco

William Stewart - Tri- City Electrical Contractors

Steven Bentley - Bentley Electric Co of Naples

Dustin Riczo -  Titan electrical Services of SWFL, LLC

Sean Staller -  Elite Electrical Contractors, Inc.

Steve Kakalecik - Woodson Electric Solutions, Inc.

David Southwick - Integrated Fire & Security Solutions, Inc.


Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning 

Graydon Bullard- Bullard's HVAC Services, LLC.

Joseph Maneri - CoolSys

John McCorrmick -  Collier County Facilities Management



David Brethauer - B & I Contractors

Fabian Rodriguez - B & I Contractors

Nick Sincerbox   -  B & I Contractors 



Robert Cornetta -  Collier County Government (Plumbing Review/Inspectors)

Tobias Hytonen - Collier County Government (Plumbing Review/Inspectors)   

Jim Kinkel - Plumboss, Inc.

Boyd Norland- Water Works Plumbing, Inc.

Daniel Rodriguez - Plumboss, Inc

Joseph Russell - All Phase Plumbing, LLC